1956. Women vote for the first time in Greek elections. The film “Stella” by Michael Cacoyannis gets a Golden Globe Award in America. And Angelos Papadopoulos, a young entrepreneur with a restless spirit, who came to Athens from the village of Kapsia Arcadia in 1935, is experimenting with producing throat pastilles from gum arabic. Searching French bibliography and adding his own touch, he creates a unique product: the first VIAP MENTEL throat pastilles.

The green pastilles with eucalyptus and menthol flavoring and the pink aromatic VIAP MENTEL pastilles (famously used in first dates!)  are quickly becoming a legend in Greece! Over the years, they take their place, not only on the shelves of stores, as a classic Greek product of small retail, but also in Greek culture, philosophy and lifestyle. Today, more than half a century later, VIAP MENTEL, always in Greek hands (the Christopoulos family, which from 2006 onwards, continues the vision of Angelos Papadopoulos) keeps on sweetening the Greeks, with a wide range of products with pure, quality ingredients .

The VIAP MENTEL company, certified with ISO 22000,manufactures products from gum arabic (an excellent throat soother, as well as a natural prebiotic), natural color ants and essential oils. VIAP MENTEL is the undisputed leader in the categories of: eucalyptus–menthol pastilles, aromatic pastilles, four fruits,mastic, cinnamon, liquorice and vitamin C.At the same time it produces and markets across the whole of Greece, chocolate olives, chocolate cereal, chocolate truffle, dragees and decorative truffles of various types.