He who slowly melts in his mouth a VIAP MENTEL pastille, or enjoys a chocolate covered almond or hazelnut cannot fail to notice the experience, the passion and the love with which we make our products! They are divided into two major categories: Pastilles and chocolate products.and dragees.


The magnificent seven!

Meet the 7unique VIAP MENTEL pastilles, made from gum arabic, the miraculous natural ingredient which acts as a throat soother and a prebiotic. The pastilles have no preservatives, no added fat and they are gluten free. Nobody else in Greece offers so many options!


Chocolate products. The Mentel perfection!

VIAP MENTEL produces the most enjoyable chocolate olives, chocolate truffle, decorative truffle and dragees.


In the mood for dragees?

Are you in the mood for dragees? Then, let’s go! VIAP MENTEL has the most enjoyable dragees of various types and flavors!