The truffle that suits everything!

What do the VIAP MENTEL chocolate and decorative truffle suit? Everything! They are an excellent material for decorating cup cakes, pop cakes, cakes, muffins, donuts, pancakes and ice cream! Thinking of something else? Share it with us!

A cereal pleasure!

The VIAP MENTEL cereal pralines, apart from being a rare treat in themselves, can also be used to decorate cakes and ice cream.

So many dragees! So many uses!

The VIAP MENTEL dragees have so many uses, that you will never run out of ideas!
Apart from their decorative nature, they can be used as an ingredient in chocolate bar, while if we add dragees in a bowl with yogurt, we have a healthy snack for kids.

Hazelnut and almond ideas!

We grate 4-5 hazelnut chocolate olives and add them to our morning cereal or in a bowl of yogurt. So, we have a light dessert that will make our day start well. Also, we can grate 4-5 almond chocolate olives and decorate ice creams and cakes!