Our history is created,
from your sweet memories!

For the past decades we've been part of your sweetest memories and continue to be your favorite choice to share with your beloveds!

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  1. 1935

    The founder of the company, Angelos Papadopoulos, comes to Athens and starts to work in the pastry department of the historic Pallas restaurant. For the first time he was introduced to the food industry and confectionery production.
  2. 1951

    He establishes a sole proprietorship and starts experimenting with the production of pastilles.
  3. 1956

    He starts producing pastilles from Arabic gum in his house in Agios Eleftherios, Acharnon.

    Then, he turns the sole proprietorship into a general partnership with his brother Panos and the company VIAP (Papadopoulos Brothers Industry) is born! Today the VIAP MENTEL brand is one of the oldest brands in Greece.
  4. 1960

    The first advertising actions in the spirit of the times! "Laryngeal emollient lozenges. Aromatic lozenges. Pleasant lozenges suitable for smokers, athletes, singers".
  5. 1963

    Purchase of a state-of-the-art pastille production system.
  6. 1966

    Purchase of automatic packaging machines resulting in improved safety and working conditions for workers.
  7. 1977

    The factory is relocated to Ano Liosia.
  8. 1980 - 2000

    Selection of key partners for distribution and sales that will lead to the final launch of the product throughout the Greek market.
  9. 2005

    The company's building is being expanded.
  10. 2006

    The company is certified according to HACCP and ISO 9001.

    The company is now passed on to the well-known Christopoulos family, which has a deep knowledge of the trade of confectionery products. Angelos Papadopoulos remains with the company as a consultant.
  11. 2011

    Participation in the 40th ISM Fair in Cologne.
  12. 2012

    The company launches two new pastille flavours, with cinnamon and Chios mastic, as well as the pastille with natural vitamin C (acerola) distributed in the pharmacy sector. A new chocolate-cereal treat is also hitting the market, with chocolate milk and malted cereals.
  13. 2014

    The company invests in modern equipment and in actions to enter new younger consumer audiences.

    The company continues to have on its staff employees who started their working life within the company.
  14. 2021

    The company refreshes the image of its packaging, and expands its online presence, bridging tradition with a new consumer audience.



we offer smiles and little sweet treats

Our History

Classically delicious, timelessly famous!

Engraved in our memory, VIAP pastilles are linked to our tradition, bringing the present in contact with the stories of the past.

The refreshing touch of their signature flavour before the first date. The sweet euphoria of mint and miraculous eucalyptus when you have a cold.The sound of the sachet when our hands fished for two or even three lozenges to share or enjoy on our own.

From our childhood to today, every moment in a little goody bag!

An unstoppable pleasure, without sugar!

Nothing can stop you from enjoying the timeless taste of VIAP pastilles. Not even sugar! Favorite flavors, delightful aromas and fresh breath are combined with the natural sweetener from the stevia plant to keep sugar and gluten out of the bag.

Moments without limits, pleasure without sugar!

It's raining chocolate! Time to create...

Joy starts in the kitchen! Become the ultimate pastry maker and turn chocolate into the magic touch of your success.

Toppings, garnishes and little treats... the epitome for every pastry chef. Sprinkles, chocolate drizzles and all those delicious details that make every dessert stand out, inside and out. Let your most chocolaty dreams come true.

BOOM! The desire for chocolate never ends!

When you discover such a delicious treat, you can't help it! The velvety chocolate and the crunchy elements create explosions that carry you away to the sweetest pleasure.

Tension, desire and explosions. Kellipops are the snack that will satisfy your every chocolate craving. Each bite will be a moment of pleasure you'll want to share with the world... or not!

A 100% natural ingredient, in your pocket!

Arabic Gum

A miraculous natural ingredient that works as a throat softener and as a probiotic, with no preservatives, no added fats and no gluten.

Share your creations

Upload your culinary creations to Instagram with the hashtag #viapcreations and we will repost you on our Instagram page as well as our website.

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